5-10 Buyer and Seller appointments in 30 days,

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Our Simple 3 step Process...


We call your new leads within the first 5 minutes of registration and book or nurture accordingly


Once connected, we qualify the lead with a list of questions to obtain their search criteria


Once qualified, we book the appointment directly into your calendar, and provide all details of the lead

About me

My name's Brandon, and after working for 5+ years with hundreds of real estate agents and teams across North America, I've booked thousands of appointments equating to millions in added GCI.I've spent a half decade testing what works, what doesn't, and how to get you the best results.I'd be happy to talk about how I can help you get 5-10 new appointments within the next 30 days

Why work with me...

Pre-qualified Leads

You only have so much time in a week, so don't waste hours of it on the phone. Let us tee up ONLY the warmest leads for you.

Predictable Appointment's

Let your online leads run on autopilot, and rely on a consistent system to fill your calendar with meetings.

Speed to Lead

We call your leads within the first 5 minutes of registration, so you can focus your time on what you do best- selling real estate.

Plug and Play

Setup in 48 hours or less. With us, opportunity cost doesn't exist. Erase the learning curve, and start letting the experts do the heavy lifting for you.

Client Case Studies 📈

Chris Audette

"We saw 26 appointments in 3 weeks, which added 100k plus to our GCI pipeline"

Melissa Kohls

"237k in GCI added to my pipeline in 60 days, and that's just the buy side only"

Cori Endrody

"90% show rate, and 230k in GCI added to my funnel"

Matthew Fusco

Leveraging Brandon's services for our real estate team was an absolute pleasure! We were at a point in our business where we were getting more social media leads than we could handle.We needed someone who was in alignment with our brand and could speak to our prospective clients as we do.That's when we got introduced to Brandon at Convertifi, and we were very impressed! Charismatic, Patient, Efficient, and Communicative are just a few words that would best describe some of his really valuable qualities.What I really liked about Brandon was how flexible he was with adjusting to our team processes for setting up appointments and navigating our CRM.I'd highly recommend Brandon's services to anyone looking to leverage their lead following process!

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